MaryLovesLife Ministries-Jan/Feb 2016

Getting to the Heart of the Matter…

12745806_10153532369748040_2066757919156924177_nWell 2016 has started off with promises of God manifesting all around us!

The biography I’m writing about international missionary Daniel Scalf is nearing completion! After an 11 month battle with MRSA (which he got from a hospital where he was having heart tests), Dan is back preaching and we were honored to have him with us in downtown Atlanta. We were also able to spend some time putting finishing touches on the first manuscript. We are believing to send it to the publisher soon! Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries, as well as Francis Frangipane and the late Bob Jones have been trying to get him to tell his story for years. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS HIS AMAZING TESTIMONY! I am pictured with Dan in the top photo, and several other photos are shown below from our time of worship & Dan sharing with us at Atlanta Outreach Project (AOP).

The HUB Atlanta Church began weekly discipleship classes every Thursday evening @ 6:30pm at AOP, as well as having our weekly church service there every Saturday at 4pm. The power of God is touching people in a beautiful way and Kingdom relationships continue to grow with those God sends our way. We are currently meeting indoors due to weather, but spring is right around the corner and our tents will be up again soon! Additionally, the owner of Kings Glen Apartments (where AOP is located) is building out the basement with a kitchen and meeting space. We are involved in designing it to meet our needs. It can be used for church when needed, but also for our classes and ministry to the community, as well as for the young men in A YOUNG MAN’S HoPE (Home of Purpose & Empowerment), the residential discipleship program at AOP where The HUB provides ministry support.

Every Thursday afternoon is dedicated to inner-healing prayer appointments with clients or anyone who wants to come. There is not a fee, but a love offering is welcomed. God is doing so much in so many people lately, aligning them to walk our their destiny and strengthen their identity in Christ! I am also halfway through teaching another semester of my 12-week ministry school on Wednesday evenings, raising up more inner-healing & deliverance ministers. If you desire a ministry session, or to train for this type of ministry, please visit the RADICAL INFUSION website.

A Young Man’s HoPE (Home of Purpose & Empowerment) is underway and we are so excited to see it grow! Our young men have already become like family and more are on the way! (A room awaits them in the photo below). If you know any homeless young men who need a home and a family, consider sending them to our residential discipleship program. Click on the link above for more information and the intake phone number. WE ARE OPERATING THIS HOUSE BY FAITH AND NEED THE FOLLOWING ITEMS DONATED: non-perishable food (such as canned vegetables, pasta, rice, sauces, snacks, cereals), cleaning products (disinfectant cleaner, cleanser, dish liquid, laundry soap, garbage bags), toilet paper, crock-pots, and a microwave. Or consider purchasing a grocery gift card next time you’re at the store. We had 400lbs of processed & packaged deer meat donated from Timothy House in Jasper GA. We are so grateful! We also have two new young men in need of clothes: shirts XL, pants 32 & 38.

On a personal note, I continue to walk by faith not only for the finances of these ministries but for myself as well. In my first two months without taking a salary, the Lord faithfully brought in everything I needed! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO IS GIVING INTO THIS MINISTRY! Not everyone is able to be a monthly partner, so at this time, the amount coming in is not a promised fixed amount every month. I am still praying for more to partner monthly! Will you ask God if he would have you become a monthly partner with MARYLOVESLIFE MINISTRIES INC? Click the link to find out how. Remember, together we both receive the rewards for the lives that are forever changed by the gospel.


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