Overcoming Addictive Strongholds with a RADICAL INFUSION

Tune in to the webcast below where I was recently a guest and spoke about Addictive Strongholds.  Learn how Addictive Strongholds are more common than you might think and what you can do to break free from them… ( the starting point is delayed. Go to 1:12 for it to begin.)


Get yourself a RADICAL INFUSION today to overcome those Addictive Strongholds as well as process other unresolved emotions. Below is a message I preached recently in more detail about the need for Inner-Healing, and it ends with me leading you to pray and get a RADICAL INFUSION:

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2 Responses to Overcoming Addictive Strongholds with a RADICAL INFUSION

  1. Berry Patrick says:

    It is also possible to have strongholds in place because demonic spirits have attached themselves to you at some point or another, and need to be driven out. If you work hard at tearing down strongholds by applying the truths in God’s Word and this teaching, and yet you seem to hit a wall, it may be because a demonic spirit needs to be driven out. It is very possible (and not uncommon) to experience quite a bit of freedom through applying the principals in this teaching even if there is a demonic spirit present, but you will only go so far and feel like you’re hitting a wall. That is a sign of a demon at work that needs to be driven out. It can be awfully hard to battle when they are working on you from the inside out. Resisting them from the outside is easy, but resisting them when they are on the inside can be extremely hard. If you seem to have reached an immovable mountain, you might want to consider the possibility of needing to have an unclean spirit driven out.

    • Thanks so much for sharing. I agree completely. If you listen to the “Talking En Authority – Get a Radical Infusion” message, you will hear as I lead you in prayer that I do actually lead you to cast unclean spirits from you as we pray. A “Radical Infusion” is completely an inward work. Demonic spirits often leave without anyone even ‘feeling’ them leave or realizing that they have. They just leave because they lose their “open door” when you confess, repent and forgive. However, sometimes when in personal prayer sessions with people, as they go through a “Radical Infusion” there are demonic manifestations that must be dealt with. We all have different levels of strongholds in varying areas of our life, so one “Radical Infusion” may not be enough in our areas of greatest bondage. It often does feel like we’re hitting a wall. But the good news is that God is faithful to see us through in His time. Thanks again for sharing and bringing up this important point. Many blessings!

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