This is a repost of something I posted about two years ago this week. I was reminded of it recently and thought I’d share it again. Be blessed!

“God is…” –  by Mary Held

God is….

God is a person, the absolute authority…

…He is all-powerful and all-knowing even more is He.

Ever-present, He’s where you are, but always He is here with me…

…not unaware of anything, even things we say “How can this be?”

He is the Source of everything, Creator of the breath we breathe…

…Author of our destinies, Composer of the songs we sing.

He choreographs our dance of life, through peace and strife…to refine our life…

…He puts us under the knife…of Love that bites…But carries healing…

…by bringing us down to a place of kneeling,

…when even in the midst of our squealing…

…He is peeling and revealing…. (to read the rest, click HERE)

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