Ode to my friend Beverly Tabor…

On Wednesday, September 29th, my friend Bev accidentally took the wrong prescription medication and had a severe reaction that led her to the ICU. Three days later on October 2nd, 2010 she passed way. Everyone who knew her was stunned beyond belief.

Bev has greatly impacted and influenced my life. She…

  •  Drew out my gift of prophecy
  •  Encouraged me to operate in my gift
  •  Spoke life and destiny into me
  •  Even influenced me to try red hair! (LOL)

Bev was always so humble, always so sweet (“Hi sweetie”) and always so inspiring.

Bev and I have a very similar gift mix and I think that is one reason we bonded so much in the short year and a half I knew her.  The below description provided by one of the tests really sums up Bev:

I am someone who stirs people up to dream bigger dreams. I encourage and inspire but I also will shake things up in the house of God. I am ready to change the course but as I call for the battle, I do so in a creative way. I am full of vision, and my sights are set on the throne room. From that perspective I clearly see the way forward and challenge others to follow it. I will challenge others until they see God’s will, something that seems to come very naturally to me. People are drawn to me because I challenge them and because I point them to the throne of God and the feet of Jesus. To me, if people only got the intimacy thing right, the Church would be fine!

(If you knew Bev I know you’re saying AMEN right now…lol)

As I wonder to myself why God would take this mighty woman of God at this time, I am reminded that we exist for His purposes. Our lives are intended to be series of assignments and Bev’s life certainly was an example of that. Her and her husband Johnny obediently went from assignment to assignment, faithfully serving wherever God placed them. And all along the way they planted seeds….

I am certain that all of the seed that God intended Bev to plant in the earth was planted. Every divine appointment was met and each life impacted according to God’s perfect plan.  And now it is time for those of us who were sown into to carry that seed to fruition and let Bev’s legacy continue in the earth. I know that she heard those words: “Well done good and faithful servant!”

Bev’s life continues on in the lives of so many of us. She has had a profound effect on many. And Johnny will continue to sow into even more.


The picture to the left shows her husband Johnny worshipping with flags to a prophetic song that Bev loved. If you have facebook you can click here to see a video of his worship: http://www.facebook.com/maryloveslife#!/video/video.php?v=1591966089508


And here is a video clip of a class I took with Bev in November 2009 (this is part one, see YouTube for the rest.) In the first clip she talks about how the enemy tried to kill her so many times because of the calling on her life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ublZ8HQeV4  It is true that God protects His own and none of those attempts were successful. God made sure her assignment got done. But when it’s accomplished, it’s time to go home. 

We grieve for ourselves and Bev’s family as we go on without her here. But we rejoice and celebrate as we know she has met the Lover of her soul! So let’s get the five fold ministry in action and do as Bev always said: KICK DEVIL BUTT! (even her business was called KDB…lol) Let’s use our God-given gifts to INTIMIDATE THE ENEMY and EXPOSE HIM!

Bev, I love you and I miss you, but I won’t say good-bye. Thanks to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, I can say “See ya later, Sweetie!”

(If you are not sure where you’ll be when you pass away, click on the links below. It’s important you make sure now, before it’s too late. Like Bev, you may not have any warning of the end.)



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3 Responses to Ode to my friend Beverly Tabor…

  1. Misty Moon says:

    This was really good…What you wrote..Thanks

  2. Terrie Coleman says:

    Hello, Mary. I knew Beverly Tabor in the early 1980’s when she was a young mother and wife and an on-fire young believer in Texas. I re-connected later when her mother lived near me, but we’d been out of touch for years. A pastor we both knew is going through a health challenge, and I thought of Beverly yesterday. I had no idea that she had passed away. But I say, Amen, she was a wonderful, anointed woman of God and a great encourager. She was really good at drawing out the gifts in each person. Thank you for posting about her. God bless you.

  3. Manu Lutalo Brown says:

    I am so sorry to hear about her passing. We was lead to some of her videos on YouTube and was truly blessed by them. We started searching for more about her, and this is when we find this site. We wish that we was able to meet her. We would have loved to meet her and talk about the prophetic gifts.

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