The Highway Byway Revival

I thought this might bless you. I first heard this in 2004 (on a CD without any video) and it moved me so deeply it is what began my ministry in the streets. I sobbed like a baby when I heard it and it shook me for days. It comes up in my media player rotation occasionally and it did this morning… and I sobbed all over again. I’m relfecting on how, after a 2 1/2 year hiatus from street ministry, God has brought me full circle, and it is He who created this deep passion in me to reach the last, the lost and the least.

In my new role at Atlanta Outreach Project ( it’s amazing when I look at our efforts in the natural to take people from the streets and put them in earthly housing, and the frustrations we have with a lack of people to volunteer, fund it or even many homeless not desiring to come in for help. On our small scale we can imagine how Jesus feels as He longs for laborers to go into the highways and byways and fill His heavenly house. It’s an amazing parallel.  

Our Savior truly understands our frustrations and our plight, for He experiences it Himself. Wow. He truly is our ever-present help in time of need.    

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