The Bible Speaks for Itself…

So this semester in school I again find myself in awe of how all five of my classes seem to “jive” even though I didn’t necessarily realize they would. Some of you may be aware of how ON THE LAST DAY TO CHANGE CLASSES WITHOUT A FEE, God divinely led me to switch my schedule. This resulted in one of my classes being “Contextualization of the Gospel”  (which is all about planting multi-cultural churches…LOL…as I happened to be doing right now anyway!) and the other resulted in my work with planting being used as my INTERNSHIP! (God is so amazingly cool I can hardly stand it sometimes!)

But as for my other three classes, I pretty much took them 1) because they are required and 2) they fit in my current schedule. But these three classes are turning out to be so interconnected it is amazing! One of them is Apologetics, which is learning to give proof for what you believe and being able to defend the truth (God, the Bible, etc.) The second class is Systematic Theology where we are currently studying the personhood of God and all the ways He reveals Himself to us. Well, needless to say… understanding all the ways He reveals Himself is essential to giving proof He exists and defending what you believe! So in both classes I find we often are discussing many of the same things! Finally, the third class is Principles of Science. Now to be honest, I really felt that this was the most odd ball class of the group. It would seemingly be chosen as “Which one of these doesn’t belong?” But oddly enough, or rather “Godly enough,” in this class we spend much time discussing how science can be used to PROVE God exists and that the Bible is true! We discuss nature, space, galaxies, power, energy and how God reveals Himself clearly to mankind through these things. WOW! So all three of these classes are basically rehearsing the same material but from different perspectives! Is God cool or what?

So I wanted to share something so cool from my Systematic Theology textbook (by Stanley M. Horton). It is about evidence of the authenticity of Scripture. Check this out:

“The Bible provides convincing internal testimony to its unique authority as a message from God. It is the positive internal evidence of a Divine origin which gives power and authority to the claims of the Bible. The Bible displays an amazing unity and consistency in its content considering the great diversity in its writing:

  • It was written over a period of approximately fifteen centuries
  • It was written by more than 40 authors from varied walks of life (politician, fisherman, farmer, doctor, king, soldier, rabbi, shepherd, and others.)
  • They wrote in different places (the wilderness, the palace, prison, etc.)
  • They wrote during varied circumstances (war, exile, while travelling, etc.)
  • Some wrote history
  • Some wrote law
  • Some wrote poetry
  • Literary genres range from allegory to biography to personal correspondence
  • All had their own backgrounds and experiences
  • All had their own strengths and weaknesses
  • They wrote on different continents
  • They wrote in three languages
  • They wrote about hundreds of topics

Yet their writings combine to form a consistent whole that beautifully unfolds the story of God and His relationship to humanity.”

WOW, huh?

To top it off, the text goes on to remind us of the Bible’s “survivability” over time:

  • “The Bible has not just survived, but thrived
  • It has faced numerous periods in history of ecclesiastical restraint
  • It has faced many governmental attempts to eliminate it
  • It has faced numerous organized efforts to suppress or exterminate it
  • The Bible received more veneration and adoration than any other book
  • The Bible has also been the object of more persecution and opposition than any other book

Only if the Bible is indeed God’s redemptive message to humanity is its indestructibility not so amazing: God has kept His omnipotent hand on His Word.”

So next time someone you know is trying to tell you that the Bible isn’t true or real, you can remember these facts and be better equipped to defend what you believe. Because truth be told: the Bible needs no defense. It speaks for itself. (or should I say “God speaks for Himself!) WOOHOO!


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